It’s happened to all of us. You check out of the hotel, tip your hat to the concierge, whistle as you walk to your car, and hit the road, not realizing that you left an item back in the room. Sometimes you’re lucky enough to receive an alert from your brain that something is missing, and are able to flip a u-turn and retrieve your neglected possession. Other times you don’t realize it until you’re hundreds of miles away, or sometimes not until you’re unpacking your things at home. Here at Rundle Suites, we want you to have the most enjoyable stay as possible at our hotel in downtown Glasgow, so we’re here to tell you the most common items that guests leave behind so that you don’t make the same mistake. Book your room now!

Cell Phone Chargers

This might just be the most common item left behind in hotel rooms. It’s understandable. Cell phone chargers just seem to blend in when not in use, and as you’re double-checking that you’ve grabbed everything. You might check under the bed, but not the outlets.

Especially in this modern age, we need to stay connected and chargers are often our saving grace when the battery level dips below five percent. And you don’t want to be on the road, reaching for your charger only to realize you mistakenly left it behind. We all know how expensive chargers are at gas stations, so to be sure that you don’t leave yours behind, pack it up or place it on an item you know you won’t forget after your last charge!


Yep. You’d be surprised how often glasses are found at our hotel after the guest has gone on their way which begs the question—is it because they couldn’t see them? Driving sans glasses is difficult and dangerous, so play it safe and double, nay, triple-check that your glasses are with you when you leave.


With how important keys are to us, you’d think we wouldn’t lose them so frequently but thus is life. Remember that your house keys are not necessary when staying at our hotel downtown, we’ve got your room key and that’s all you’ll need! So don’t even risk it, keep your keys in your bag so you don’t have to find a way to break into your own house when you get back home from your trip!


Rings, bracelets, earrings, oh my! We have found it all when preparing a hotel room for incoming guests. Especially if you keep a large collection when traveling (always have to be prepared) you’re at risk of losing one item or several! We understand that you might be tired from your adventures in Glasgow when you get ready to hit the hay, but when you remove your jewelry, make sure to put it somewhere safe, not just on whatever surface is nearby.


There are those looking for a last minute hotel or just a couple day stay, and those that book a room for an extended stay, and these two have very different ways of handling their clothes. The guests that are only here for a day or two usually just keep their clothes in the bag, while those staying for a long period of time usually unpack everything and hang their clothes. After all, our hotel is their home away from home during their stay, so they get comfortable.

Surprisingly, both type of guests tend to leave clothing behind. We’ve recovered countless shirts, pants, and shoes (usually just one shoe surprisingly). So, you’re just going to want to remind yourself to do a last scan of the room before you go. Check the racks, the bathroom, under the bed, etc. so that you keep every item of clothing, even your socks.

Rundle Suites

So there you have it, not nearly a complete list of lost items that we find, but some of the most common. Don’t worry if you still leave something behind, however. You can rest assured that our staff will keep it safe for you if you happen to return, or send it to you if you’ve already made the journey back home. Rundle Suites is dedicated to the satisfaction of each and every guest that stays at our hotel in downtown Glasgow. All of our rooms are newly renovated and as comfortable as can be! We look forward to having you stay with us! Contact us now or book your room if you haven’t already!