At Rundle Suites, to say we accommodate a lot of hunters is an understatement. With Montana having some of the best hunting spots in the nation, Glasgow is a haven for hunters of all types. While you may have plans to sleep under the stars during your trip, many decide to stay in our luxury suites in Glasgow before and/or after the hunt. Located in the heart of downtown, our rooms have recently been renovated so you can count on having a clean and comfortable place to lay your weary head.

In this post, we’ll discuss some of the most popular game in the area so that you can thoroughly plan out your hunting trip. If you have any questions about our hotel or the surrounding area, then go ahead and reach out to us! And if you haven’t already, book your room now! For a special discount for your stay, enter promo code: HUNTER


Montana antelope herds are ubiquitous to the area. If you’re planning on hunting antelope, you’re almost guaranteed to get a shot. If one stalk eludes you, you’ll likely only have to wait a few minutes for another herd to appear. Antelope tags are quite easy to obtain and are drawn by lottery only. General antelope hunting season is from October 6th to November 11th.


The most popular choice of game in the area, Glasgow is home to nearly countless deer and elk just waiting to become your prized trophy. If you’re planning to experience the thrill of the hunt on your own, it won’t be difficult for you to find elk or deer. But if you would like to go on a guided hunting trip accompanied by someone that knows the land and favorite hangout spots of the animals, there are several outfitters in the area that can help, including the Burke Ranch Outfitters. The general season lasts from October 20th to November 25th.

Small Game

Looking to hunt small game? Glasgow has many types of birds and varmints for you to choose from. This includes sharp-tailed grouse, sage chickens, pheasants, Hungarian partridge, prairie dogs, gophers, and more. Some of the seasons differ so be sure to visit the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department to make sure that you know what small game is in season during your stay in Glasgow.


Along with more options for big and small game hunting, Glasgow is also known for its incredible fishing. The Fort Peck Lake is the most popular fishing spot with over fifty species of fish and plenty of room to find your own spot without having to worry about catching the line of another fisher or having to compete for a catch.

So, if you’re a fan of the outdoors, start preparing for a trip to Glasgow! At Rundle Suites, our historic hotel has been renovated so you can rest assured that your luxury suite will not only be satisfactory but exceed your expectations. We’re located in the middle of downtown so aside from driving to your hunting location, you won’t have to worry about guzzling any gas during your stay because everything is within walking distance. We look forward to being your home away from home, so contact us today!