When you pull into your hotel after a long day on the road, or an even longer day visiting with the in-laws, you want to know that you’ll have a comfortable place to rest your weary head. As we all know, there is no place like home, but a great hotel should feel like a home away from home. Your hotel should be clean, accommodating, and welcoming. The last thing you want to is to walk into your room and get the impression that nothing has been done to it since the previous occupant’s stay.

At Rundle Suites, we strive to exceed the expectations of each and every one of our guests. When you come to lodge in one of our luxury suites in Glasgow, it’s extremely important us that your stay is as pleasant as possible, and we know that requires more than just a comfy pillow. In this blog post, we’ll cover what makes our downtown hotel unique and the ideal accommodations for you and yours. Book your room now!  


Smack dab in the middle of downtown Glasgow, you can’t stay anywhere closer to the heart of the town. No need to worry about spending any extra money on gas when going to eat, because you’ll be within walking distance of all the restaurants and activities that our quaint historical city has to offer. And if you’d rather cruise around while you explore, we offer access to cruiser bicycles for all of our guests! Before your stay, read up on the rich history of Glasgow to gain a more in-depth knowledge of what our town was like over a century ago.

Customer Service

At Rundle Suites, we’re dedicated to the satisfaction of our guests. Whether you’ve pulled in for a last-minute hotel room, or you’re planning on an extended stay, you’re assured to be given a warm welcome, and that all of your needs will be taken care of. Our staff will make sure that you feel right at home, will answer any questions you may have about the hotel or the town of Glasgow, and ensure that all of your requests and wants are handled to the best of our abilities.

We use all of the feedback that we hear from our guests and use it to continuously improve and remain the best hotel in the area. We’re always looking to get better and go the extra mile to please every visitor we have.


Cleanliness should be a given when it comes to the condition of a hotel, but we’ve heard some horror stories about other hotels, so want to emphasize the importance that maintaining a clean hotel is to us. Newly renovated, all of our luxury suites and rooms look brand new and our staff ensures that they remain immaculate for our guests. No need to worry about unknown stains on the carpet or a mysterious ball of hair in the sink. When you walk into your room, you’ll know that it has been maintained with care and professionalism.


Comfort is expected in the hotel industry. Nobody wants to reach their room, eyelids heavy from a long day and lay down on a bed that has the firmness of a rock. It doesn’t matter if you’re staying on your own, or with your entire family, we want everyone to be able to have a great night sleep, and feel welcome and comfortable during their stay. We’ve had countless guests exclaim how relaxed they felt in their rooms, and while there’s nothing quite as cozy as sleeping in your bed, we’ve made it pretty darn close.


Something else that sets us apart from our competition, is our building itself. Built in 1915, one of the Rundle building’s claims to fame in the early 20th century, was its use of electric lights! People came from afar to witness the spectacle. We’ve come a long way since then, but even with the recent renovations, you can just feel the history swirl around you while you stay at our downtown hotel. We promise to make your stay pleasant, comfortable, and memorable. So book your room today! We look forward to being your temporary home while you stay in the town of Glasgow.